Our clients inspire us and we love sharing their stories on their health & fitness journey. We have countless testimonials, here are what they have to say about us and their amazing results.
Jade C.H.

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your approach, style and added personality. You heard me, and didn’t shove a program down my throat. One size definitely does not fit all. I’ve got my personal 5 year plan Matt and I Know you will help me get there.

Meray H

Matt is very supportive really guiding me through every exercise plan. I got to a point where going to the gym was a chore and I would find excuses to not turn up. Since my journey with Matt I’ve been getting up and committing to every session. Really enjoying my training again. Regular follow up and feedback from Matt is good it really keeps me focused

Daniela S.

Focus180 has been able to create training sessions and at home sessions based on my personal equipment. My home program is completely personalised and done through a great app where you can communicate with the trainer with feedback and questions. For a busy mum of two this is a great way to get in extra training sessions in my own home and in my own time as well as having 1:1 sessions.

Zorana A.

Matteo helped me with severe back pain following an operation. He gave me exercises and advice that helped me get past both the physical pain and associated mental struggle. Matteo is consistent, clear and kind. He checks on me constantly and modified my program multiple times based on how I was feeling and my ability to do certain actions. I would recommend Matteo and Focus 180 to anyone who wants to change their life and focus on becoming the best they can be!

Julian B.

Matteo helped me realise that just going into the gym and lifting weights and not knowing why wasn’t going to get me the results I wanted. We worked together to fix the issues i had with my posture and then once I was given the go ahead, gave me the knowledge and structure I needed to bring the best version of myself to my wedding and honeymoon.

Sylvia I.

Matteo is a knowledgeable trainer which aids in corrective movements as well as goal focused training. All programs are tailed to support your end desire. Continuous support is provided to make sure exercises are done correctly.

Jaimie K.

Thank you Matteo for helping me with my health and fitness goals! You listened to what I wanted from a personal trainer and always made sure my program and exercises helped me to achieve my goals and become better in my chosen sports. You are so supportive and have so much knowledge on health and fitness. I highly recommend Matteo for anyone who needs help achieving their fitness goals and wants to have amazing results.


John-Sebastian C.

Thank you to Matteo. A fantastic personal trainer with heaps of knowledge about fitness, food and archiving goals.
He is also very professional and has great time management in regards to organizing and working out my sessions.
Very happy and seeing great results.

Saxo Johnny

Best person to achieve your goals with. Ask any questions and he would always have an answer for any exercises, diets and other stuff that you’re uncertain about in general. Highly recommend!!

Joe W.

I have personally known Matteo for almost 2 years now. His professional approach to fitness is complimented by committing himself to the exact same principals he teaches to his clients. Matteo is the guy to see if you are new to fitness, or for the more serious athlete looking to step up their training game.

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