Client Success

Our clients inspire us and we love sharing their stories on their health & fitness journey. We have countless testimonials, here are what they have to say about us and their amazing results.




I came in concerned with my core strength and how this may affect me in future.

Matteo was able to grow my strength week to week and now I cannot believe what I can do.

Strength training is a must for all women!

Thanks Matteo!


Thank you for kicking my butt for the last 7 months. 

I feel like my whole lifestyle has changed for the better. 

I feel stronger, healthier and more confident.


I have been with Matteo for just over 7 months now and I am thrilled with the progress so far.

I was after a lifestyle change, not a ‘quick fix’ and I have learnt so much in this space. I’m feeling stronger, more energised and just overall happier, more confident and healthier.

There is LOTS of great 1:1 support with FOCUS180 and Matteo takes the time to really explain things with his clients on an individualised basis.

I’d highly recommend FOCUS180 to anyone wanting to make a sustainable change to their overall wellbeing


Thanks so much, I really appreciate your approach, style and added personality. You heard me, and didn’t shove a program down my throat. One size definitely does not fit all. I’ve got my personal 5 year plan Matt and I Know you will help me get there.


10kgs & 37.2cms down. Manni was able to reach her goal fat loss from 62.5kg ⬇️ to 52.5kg = Total 37.2cm ⬇️ Her other wins are: Fat lost | Relationship with food improved | Strength gained | Technique improved | Increased muscle mass | A new friendship gained.

Georgina R.

1:1 client started wanting get ready for a wedding coming up and need to fit into a dress ASAP that she bought 2 kids ago but never got to wear‼️ She gave me 7 weeks to get her into this dress that refused to zip up. She put her determined hat on and we worked together to get her to that outcome and she looked incredible in the dress. Each time she achieves a new outcome she’s right into the next one. She hasn’t let her busy schedule stop her and adjusted where she knew she needed to in order to have lasting changes that she can continue to build upon

Maria T.

After being out of the training scene for over 2 yrs, Matteo was extremely patient & able to guide me to a position that I can now train with confidence. Matteo’s program was able to rectify a niggling hip issue & strengthen my core. I am no longer waking up with a sore back !! Matteo listens to what you, as a person needs, and delivers with expertise, honesty, integrity. Our sessions were fun and diverse. I would recommend Matteo to get you on the right path to meet your personal health & fitness goals.

Anthony S.

About 8 months before I joined Focus180. I had a fall and partially ruptured my tendon from my quad muscle. I was in a heap of pain and found my Rehab wasn’t working out too well. I had a PT at the local Gym, but I felt I was just a number, and he wasn’t really working on my Rehab. Just going through the motions. I was seeing a local Physio to help with the Rehab, but it wasn’t working well. I was also suffering from Compartment Syndrome for the last 27 years. I saw an ad where Matteo mentioned he helped people with Rehab. I was sick of being in pain and not being able to go for a walk. I had a call with him and went through all of my issues. Matteo said he could help me but would rather I first see David from Proactive Health and Sports, who had helped Matteo with his back rehab. Best decision I had ever made. With the help of Matteo and David, I finally had a team that actually wanted to help me. We started slowly. Even though I kept Pushing Matteo that I could go harder, he always held me back. Again a fantastic decision as it really helped my Rehab from my tendon damage. Again, with Matteo and David’s help, I had surgery for my Compartment Syndrome, knowing I had a great team behind me to help with the Rehab. I am 12 weeks post-surgery and have never felt stronger. I am walking 5 – 7 KM every day that I am not training. By following their advice, I am pain-free after 27 years. The team is now working on getting me fit and strong to fulfil a lifelong dream of getting into the boxing ring. I love working with Matteo because he takes the time to research my injuries and has a plan every session to work on specific parts of my body. It’s not just a one-for-all approach like I have had with other trainers. For me, it’s priceless to know I have a team of people looking after me. Not only does Matteo go out of his way to research my issues and have a plan. The amount of information Matteo and David trade about my progress gives me confidence that they have my best interest at heart every session. If you haven’t worked it out yet, I strongly recommend working with Focus 180. If you’re sitting on the fence. Get off it and have a session with Matteo.

christine B.

Matteo is a champion! Matteo has been my PT for the last 4 months now and already I am making progress & getting stronger. I am a busy mum of two and after having my kids, I have been left with abdominal muscle separation, which has not gone back to normal. Matteo takes the time to get to know you & he has been able to work with me to create personalised sessions/programs so I can still get the most out of my sessions. Matteo is experienced, super knowledgeable, professional and respectful, supportive, and really knows how to make training fun!

Sylvia I.

Matteo is a knowledgeable trainer which aids in corrective movements as well as goal focused training. All programs are tailed to support your end desire. Continuous support is provided to make sure exercises are done correctly.

Jaimie K.

Thank you Matteo for helping me with my health and fitness goals! You listened to what I wanted from a personal trainer and always made sure my program and exercises helped me to achieve my goals and become better in my chosen sports. You are so supportive and have so much knowledge on health and fitness. I highly recommend Matteo for anyone who needs help achieving their fitness goals and wants to have amazing results.

Julian B.

Matteo helped me realise that just going into the gym and lifting weights and not knowing why wasn’t going to get me the results I wanted. We worked together to fix the issues i had with my posture and then once I was given the go ahead, gave me the knowledge and structure I needed to bring the best version of myself to my wedding and honeymoon.

Meray H.

Matt is very supportive really guiding me through every exercise plan. I got to a point where going to the gym was a chore and I would find excuses to not turn up. Since my journey with Matt I’ve been getting up and committing to every session. Really enjoying my training again. Regular follow up and feedback from Matt is good it really keeps me focused.

David P.

I have now been training with Matteo at Focus180 for 4 months now and have so far lost 8kg. Matteo is a legend he has helped me a lot in my weight loss journey, and also gaining strength, I have learnt so much from Matteo regarding food and nutrition, before joining I was always suffering with lower back pain but now pain is gone from doing what he does best in training. I am happy with my progress and looking forward to my end result. Matteo has lots of knowledge and expertise in what he does. I am very thankful to Matteo in helping me with my journey couldn’t not do it without him. I thoroughly recommend Matteo and Focus180. Trust me you won’t regret it. David Proietti.

Lawrence L.

After my weight loss, it was quite hard to make the next step in gaining strength and muscle myself. Matteo at FOCUS180 has been able to provide excellent support, guidance and training in making this next step come to life. I highly recommend Matteo to anyone who is looking for a dedicated and professional PT.

Zorana S.

Matteo helped me with severe back pain following an operation. He gave me exercises and advice that helped me get past both the physical pain and associated mental struggle. Matteo is consistent, clear and kind. He checks on me constantly and modified my program multiple times based on how I was feeling and my ability to do certain actions. I would recommend Matteo and Focus 180 to anyone who wants to change their life and focus on becoming the best they can be!

Shannon C.

I highly recommend Matteo! I’ve only been doing P.T sessions with him for a short period so far, but look forward to each & every one! He has a great set up & caters to everyone’s individual needs. His sessions have helped with my self esteem & anxiety. I’m so grateful I came across Focus180 & can’t wait to continue my journey & keep smashing my goals! HI5 Matteo! Keep up the Awesome work!

Daniela S.

Focus180 has been able to create training sessions and at home sessions based on my personal equipment. My home program is completely personalised and done through a great app where you can communicate with the trainer with feedback and questions. For a busy mum of two this is a great way to get in extra training sessions in my own home and in my own time as well as having 1:1 sessions.

saxo johnny

Best person to achieve your goals with. Ask any questions and he would always have an answer for any exercises, diets and other stuff that you’re uncertain about in general. Highly recommend!!


Thank you for kicking my butt for the last 7 months. 

I feel like my whole lifestyle has changed for the better. 

I feel stronger, healthier and more confident.


Thank you for kicking my butt for the last 7 months. 

I feel like my whole lifestyle has changed for the better. 

I feel stronger, healthier and more confident.