Online Coaching

Our Online Personal Training is perfect for you if you work full time or irregular hours, have other commitments or simply want the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Strength progression and results are guaranteed in a flexible and enjoyable protocol. 

You will be provided with frequency-based, sub-maximal training methods to allow consistent, long-term progression which translates into more muscle, less body fat & more flexible lifestyles. Clients will be able to maximise the time spent in the gym & minimise the friction their training regime places on their life.

Our easy-to-follow training program will be detailed and customised to your individual needs and goals. Our trainer will provide expert advice and guidance to reach your health and fitness goals and be there to support you.

  • Body Composition
  • Analysis of Posture and Weak Areas that Require Focus
  • Training Recommendations & Programming
  • Smartphone Application for In-Depth Two-Way Tracking of Training Volume & Program Delivery
  • Access to a Personalised Extensive Video Exercise Library through the Smartphone Application
  • Weekly Check-Ins & Accountability (Inclusive of Weekly Check-In reminders)
  • Ongoing Program Optimisation
  • Video analysis of form
  • Unlimited Support & Communication

See our online training platform in action in this video

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