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Everyoneโ€™s health journey is different.

We are dedicated to changing lives 180 degrees with a foundation of injury prevention, nutrition and fitness. You deserve support, focus and to become the best version of yourself!

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Meet Matteo

Founder. Head Trainer

I have started FOCUS180 to help individuals reach their ultimate fitness goal and not fall into the similar pitfalls I did.

Due to years of neglect and incorrect training methods, I experienced pain in my lower back and lost feeling in my right calf. After a visit to the specialist I was in surgery days later for a L5/S1 microdiscectomy and decompression of my right SI nerve.

During post surgery I passionately built the knowledge of self rehab to eventually return to a new and safe way of training. It took time and endless amount of trial and error to work together with and understand my body.

From then on, not only was I more passionate to pursue personal training but I had a fire in my belly to help people just like I was, with a lack of knowledge, train hard but train safe!