The Focus180 Mission

FOCUS180 are here for women who want to design an individualised solution to improve their overall lifestyle.


We believe that women are truly inspiring and what they can achieve is amazing!


We aim to:

> Provide solutions for women to overcome the lies and myths they have been led to believe

> Give back to women who do so much for everyone else and put themselves last

> Show women that they are capable of anything, when they have the mindset they can’t.



Everyone’s health journey is different.

We are dedicated to changing lives 180 degrees with a foundation of injury prevention, nutrition and fitness. You deserve support, focus and to become the best version of yourself!

  • Focus on Nutrition

  • Focus on Fitness

  • Focus on Injury Prevention

Start your personalised health journey with Focus180

Meet Matteo

Founder. Head Trainer

I have started FOCUS180 to help individuals reach their ultimate fitness goals.

Why I became a coach:

Due to years of neglect and incorrect training methods, I experienced pain in my lower back and lost feeling in my right calf. After a visit to the specialist I was in surgery days later for a L5/S1 microdiscectomy and decompression of my right SI nerve.

During post surgery I passionately built the knowledge of self rehab to eventually return to a new and safe way of training. It took time and endless amount of trial and error to work together with and understand my body.

From then on, not only was I more passionate to pursue personal training but I had a fire in my belly to help people just like I was, with a lack of knowledge, train hard but train safe!

Why our focus on women?

Growing up I was surrounded by strong women. I saw qualities of strength, ambition, determination and more importantly a passion and drive to succeed in and for the things they loved.

Now I want to assist women like this, to not only be strong personalities and gain confidence but also have them become stronger. Stronger physically and emotionally and for that to carry on into all aspects of their lives so that they are able to continue to be the best versions of themselves for not only their loved ones but most importantly