Slow Cooker

21 Recipe Ideas – E-Book




Get the most out of your slow-Cooker with these easy and tasty recipes!

Here are some reasons why using a slow-cooker is awesome!

  • Having a meal at home in the slow cooker eliminates the temptation to order take-out which is often less nutritious and more expensive.
  • Slow cookers usually allow one-step preparation. Placing all the ingredients in the slow cooker saves preparation time and cuts down on cleanup.
  • Slow cookers are useful throughout the year. Coming in from a cold winter day, the aroma of hot soup is welcoming. Slow cookers also work well for summertime use; they do not heat the kitchen the way an oven might.
  • As a result of the long, low-temperature cooking, slow cookers help tenderize less-expensive cuts of meat.
  • A slow cooker brings out the flavor in foods. A wide variety of foods can be cooked in a slow cooker, including one pot meals, soups, stews and casseroles.
  • A slow cooker uses less electricity than an oven.


Recipes Included:

  • Slow Cooker Lentil Chili
  • Slow Cooker Black Beans & Rice
  • Slow Cooker Vegan Miso Pho
  • Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork
  • Slow Cooker Vegan Chili
  • Slow Cooker Beef Stew
  • Slow Cooker Swiss Chard and Pork Hock Soup
  • Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore
  • Slow Cooker Swedish Meatballs
  • Slow Cooker Energy Bars
  • Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken
  • Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef
  • Slow Cooker Beef & Butternut Squash Soup
  • Pressure Cooker Thai Red Curry Beef
  • Slow Cooker Caribbean Carrot Soup
  • Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken
  • Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Pork Tenderloin
  • Curried Chicken Slow Cooker Stew
  • Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup
  • Slow Cooker Moroccan Lentils
  • Slow Cooker Chicken & Veggie Teriyaki